District 3, Algoma, was formed in 1972. Our district stretches east from Sault Ste. Marie to Spanish and Elliot Lake and north to Wawa, Hornepayne and Chapleau. There are many small towns and villages within the Algoma District. District 3 is about the size of Great Britain.

Our members volunteer extensively across our District for both RTOERO and community causes. Two projects where RTOERO members volunteer as teams are the Davey Home Tuck Shop and the Lion’s Club Vision Screening.

In 2010, District 3 initiated local scholarships for both Sault College and Algoma University. Money continues to be raised for them through an annual silent auction held at our District Annual General Meeting.

Did you know that District 3 Algoma has had three Provincial/National Presidents/Chairs? Weldon Abernathy, Mickey Contini, and Rich Prophet each hold that honour.


Members and growing

District 03 Algoma President

Christopher Rous

District 03 Algoma Executive

Name Role Email
Christopher Rous President / Présidence
Wayne Greco First vice-president / Vice-présidence
Rich Prophet Second vice-president / Deuxième vice-présidence
Barbara Perry Secretary / Secrétaire
Bruce Avery Treasurer / Responsable de la trésorerie
Moyra O'Pallie Membership coordinator / Responsable des adhésions
Bernice Whalen Goodwill coordinator / Responsable de la bienfaisance
Maj-Liisa Donaghue Newsletter editor / Responsable de l’infolettre
Gayle Manley Newsletter editor / Responsable de l’infolettre
Page Nicolson Health coordinator / Responsable de la santé
Marie DellaVedova Political advocacy coordinator / Responsable de la mobilisation politique
Gary Wills Website coordinator / Responsable du site Web
Christopher Rous Corporate member 1 / Membre collectif 1
Wayne Greco Corporate member 2 / Membre collectif 2
Rich Prophet Alternate 1 / Substitut 1
Wayne Greco Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
Christopher Rous Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
Folgo Della Vedova Governance coordinator / Responsable de la gouvernance
Rich Prophet Social media coordinator / Responsable des médias sociaux
Gayle Manley RPW Organizer / Responsable APR

Volunteers of District 03 Algoma Executive

Name Role Email
Kathryn Greening Foundation Advocate/Responsable de la Fondation
Folgo DellaVedova Marketing & Outreach Coordinator/Coordinateur du marketing et de la sensibilisation
Bernice Whalen Volunteer luncheon coordinator / Responsable des déjeuners des bénévoles
Barb Perry Vision screening / Responsable du dépistage visuel
Gayle Manley Super Seniors' Luncheon / Responsable de la celebration des "Super Seniors"
Sherrill Dewar Member at large / Membre non désigné
Chris Rous Governance coordinator / Responsable de la gouvernance
Kathryn Greening Community Grants & Scholarships/Responsable des subventions communautaires & Bourses d'études
Rich Prophet Events coordinator / Coordinateur des événements
Chris Rous Past president / Ancienne présidence

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